PR Editor


As of 17th February 2016, GitHub now has this functionality built in natively. We suggest you start using GitHub Issue and Pull Request Templates instead of this GitHook.

githook-pr-editor should still continue to work, but is no longer being actively maintained.

PR Editor

This GitHook appends the content of your choice to any new pull request.

It can be put to all manner of uses (see examples), but the most obvious use case is a checklist.

How it works

Let's say you install the githook-pr-editor GitHook to your HelloWorld repository, pointing to a template "" whose contents are simply - [ ] Yes, the code is good.

Someone comes along and opens a Pull Request on your HelloWorld repository and sets the initial description to "Pull request for that thing".

This GitHook gets triggered, and in a few seconds the Pull Request description becomes:

Pull request for that thing.

  • [ ] Yes, the code is good

How to install

On the githook-pr-editor page on, there's a big 'Install' button. All you need to do is provide a template to a markdown file which you want to append to the contents of every pull request.

This must be a fully qualified URL pointing directly to the raw markdown, e.g.

We hope you find this useful!


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This GitHook requires the following permissions:

  • Public/Private Repository
    Grants read/write access to code, commit statuses, collaborators, and deployment statuses for public and private repositories and organizations.


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