Super Protected Branches

GitHook Super-Protected Branches

Rolls back any commits made directly to a branch of your choice, branching it and making a PR instead.

Caution: this GitHook is in its infancy, so there may be bugs in its implementation, meaning you could lose commit history or even entire files! Use at your own risk.


  • counterintuitively, your branch must NOT be marked as a Protected Branch, as the Super Protection mechanism requires the ability to force push to your branch. There is an open issue for making this GitHook work with Protected Branches, but this is unlikely to be fixed anytime soon.


Bug fixes and other contributions are welcome and actively encouraged.


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This GitHook requires the following permissions:

  • Public/Private Repository
    Grants read/write access to code, commit statuses, collaborators, and deployment statuses for public and private repositories and organizations.


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